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King Cake Fundraiser

Friday, February 1st, your student will be given information and flyers for the King Cake Fundraiser. PLEASE remember, it is much more simple for us to receipt if we have ONE check or money order for the ENTIRE ORDER. PLEASE make sure ALL checks have a phone number on them. Also, PLEASE make sure the students name is on the check or money order.

Students will sell from February 1 until February 15. Please begin sending in orders as soon as yours is complete. EARLY IS GREAT! NO ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15 AT THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY. We HAVE to give a count to the bakery.

Delivery date is Thursday, February 28. 

The cakes are round and approximately 7-8" in diameter. This year, we will offer many varieties of King Cakes and NO other cakes. 

The cakes are FRESH BAKED, and are from a Louisiana bakery.

Students will receive a $5 credit per cake sold. 

Jazz Band News

The Jazz Ensemble will perform at the Arts & Crafts Festival on Friday, March 15. Time TBA, but somewhere around 12:30 for Fairhope Middle School Jazz Band and Fairhope High School Jazz Band to follow. The stage is located at the corner of Magnolia and Section Street in downtown Fairhope.


The date we have requested for MPA is Tuesday, March 19. Times are TBA. Symphony Band will likely be early afternoon. Wind Ensemble will likely be late afternoon/early evening. Most of the bands in the AA classification perform after 4:00 USUALLY. Transportation will be via Gulf Coast Tours charter bus. We will be in touch for chaperones for the buses.

District Honor Band

Fairhope High School had NINETEEN students place in the District VII Honor Band!!! This is by far the largest number in the entire district! Mrs. Petersen and I are some VERY proud Band Directors! These results come from the All-State auditions. We also had five alternates selected. Please keep the weekend open in the event your student is called up to participate. 

District Band will be held March 28-30. Location is TBA at the moment. I will need to collect the $35 registration fee for each student. We will add it to your Cut Time account. 

All-State Band

Fairhope High School had ELEVEN students place in the Alabama All-State Band. Again, this is the most in the entire district! We also had four students selected to alternate positions. If someone is unable to make the event, alternates are pulled up into their places. This has happened every year, so if your student is an alternate, please keep that weekend open.

The All-State Band Festival is in Huntsville this year and next year. The date for this year is April 25-27. The students participating in the Solo Festival will compete on April 24 in Huntsville. I will send emails to parents regarding All-State details.

Spring Concert

Please reserve May 9 as our Spring Concert date.